Learning Online

If you are new to online learning we have provided this short video to highlight a few points to help make your learning experience effective and enjoyable. The video includes advice on:

1. Preparing to learn – making sure that your environment is conducive to learning.

2. Listening and reflecting – assimilating what you learn and putting it into context.

3. Making notes – summarising the key points, forming your ideas and questions.

4. Communicating with others – sharing your understanding, ideas and questions with other learners.


Learning with FutureLearn

If you are new to FutureLearn courses you will find it helpful to take a look at the How it works video. It takes you through the features of the learning environment, helping you to navigate and make the most of the social learning opportunities.

FutureLearn has recently introduced another much-requested feature: email notifications. If you receive a reply to one of your comments, you’ll be sent an email letting you know. You won’t get more than one email from each course per day, so you don’t need to worry about having an inbox flooded with notifications if you’re a very social learner. You can always turn this notification off through your FutureLearn settings, or by unsubscribing directly via one of the emails.

Further help for those new to online learning

We have also provided further tips for communicating online or, if you would like further help you can visit the University of Leeds, Skills@Library website.

Alternatively you can download a free online book, Studying a MOOC: A guide by Professor Neil Morris, University of Leeds.